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Social Entrepreneurship

"Driven Philanthropist" & Future "Social Entreprenuer"

Social entrepreneurship is defined as a powerful force that combines the discipline of the commercial sector with the spirit of the mission driven sector. Social entrepreneurs are revolutionaries with a social mission, social responsibility and accountability, opportunity seekers, and innovators. Social entrepreneurship has its power as a science and art, furthering the understating that wealth and philanthropy can equally coexist in the social sector. Social entrepreneurship is implementing a mission towards social improvement. The overall goal of any mission is to get the greatest community benefit out of creating innovative opportunities and new events. Social Entrepreneurship combines value creation taken from Say, innovation and change from Schumpeter, resourcefulness from Stevenson and pursuit of opportunity from Drucker. Helping and paving new avenues towards increasing social value and innovation as we enter the next decade of social enterprise is social entrepreneurship. 


"The GLOBE is my map, SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP is the law, together they create my BACKPOCKET ROADMAP TO SUCCESS."


By: Thurman Robinson

Posted by Thurman Robinson on May 6, 2010 at 7:52 PM

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