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    Supports Health, Wellness & Education Outreach

  • Mission Statement

    "ON THE HUNT" to engage and lead others together alongside A.P.P.S. in providing outreach that supports movements of strong community improvement focused in the areas of Health, Wellness, Financial Education, Occupational and Social Welfare.

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    A.P.P.S. Vision Statement

    Assertively Promoting Philanthropic Services (A.P.P.S.) commits to providing assistance in helping individuals Invest, Partner, Sponsor and Fund programs pushing more Development efforts into diversifying and forwarding cultural awareness, social advocacy projects, human rights & philanthropic acts within the community for the wellness and benefit of each other.

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    Fascinating Facts About the Founder You Didn't Know !!


    Men’s Tennis Team He was the #1 Player on an Athletic Scholarship, 07’ Semifinalist, 08’ All-CIAA Academic Honors and graduated from Virginia State University with a Bachelors of Science in Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Dance with a Concentration in Sport Management with Honors.

    Panic 2000 PANIC 2000 stands for People Against Negativity Inspiring Creativity. It is a performance organization for dancers, actors, singers, production, etc.; served as Director of Promotions and member. (2007)

    Student Government Association (SGA) Leader and Campus/Community Personality who served as the Sophomore Class Sergeant-at-Arms and the Vice President for the Junior Class of 2011 for 845 students.

    HPERD Peer Mentorship Program Mentor and advised over 100 freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors on coursework scheduling, following the curriculum, career paths and problem solving.

    The Betterment of Brothers and Sisters (BBS) BBS is an organization that helps students with problem solving, volunteers throughout the University and surrounding cities, and host forums, events and socials to help students develop healthy and positive social skills. (2009)

    Civic & Public Service Activities
    Big Brother Big Sisters Mentored a 7-year-old young man by the name of Rodine Richards from Brooklyn. "My #1 priority is his reading ability. I spend a lot of time on his writing and grammar also. I love to take my little brother to the movies, basketball games, malls, community events, and out to eat. We also got the opportunity to attend a Harlem Globetrotters event at the Siegel Center for Christmas and he really enjoyed it!" (2009 - 2011)

    Petersburg Boys and Girls Club, Matoaca Middle School, Ettrick Elementary, Colonial Heights Teen Center, Petersburg Parks and Recreation, Walk for Hunger, Blood Drives, Free HIV Testing’s, Habitat for Humanity, Breast Cancer Awareness Walk, 9/11 Remembrance Walk, and Campus and Highway Clean Ups. "I have been fortunate to service our community on several occasions due to my active membership in the Betterment of Brothers and Sisters, Panic 2000, HPERD/SM Majors Clubs and the NAACP. Its great volunteering by yourself but there is power in numbers and you can help so many more people if you work as a team. I have special memories with each one of my clubs and organizations." (2007 – 2010)


    Volunteer Assistant Tennis Coach at Morehouse College (2012-Present)
    Volunteer Assistant Tennis Coach at Petersburg High School (2008-2010);
    Tennis Instructor, Venus and Serena Tennis Academy (2002-2007);
    Youth Tennis Coach, National Junior Tennis League – UCLA (2002-2007);
    Virginia State University Athletic Department (2007-2009)


    Past Work/Leadership Experiences:
    1. YMCA, nonprofit: the nation’s leading nonprofit organization for

    youth development, healthy living and social responsibility

    2. Wal-Mart, corporation: #1 retail operation and largest corporation globally

    3. WALT DISNEY WORLD: Walt Disney College Program – Operations Leadership/Management

    4. United States Olympic Committee F.L.A.M.E. Program: Leadership

    5. Public Speaking: http://thurmanrobin.webs.com/publicspeaking.htm


    A Little More About A.P.P.S.!

    Assertively Promoting Philanthropic Services APPS, LLC
    APPS Mobile Tax Business

    Mission Statement:
    To get the greatest community benefit, ASSERTIVELY PROMOTING
    PHILANTHROPIC SERVICES (A.P.P.S., LLC) mission is geared towards
    combining discipline, spirit and opportunity seekers to assert social
    improvement, public service and the pursuit of opportunity.
    Vision Statement:
    Social entrepreneurship has its power as a science and art; furthering the
    understanding that wealth and philanthropy can equally coexist together for OUR
    predecessors & children to succeed.


    • In the year 2015, ASSERTIVELY PROMOTING PHILANTHROPIC SERVICES APPS, LLC (@APPSMOBILETAX) has donated over $7,000 to individuals, families and children in need of a LOAN, GIFT, BLESSING OR DONATON throughout Los Angeles County & Atlanta's local counties and communities‼️


    • @APPSMOBILETAX gifted A.P.P.S. NONPROFIT CORPORATION $500 for Business Start-Up Expenses and a secured credit card expense account of $1000 totaling a $1500 investment to help develop the nonprofit.   


    • A.P.P.S. LLC COMMITS to donating a portion of its revenue each year to APPS NONPROFIT CORPORATION to help assist with funding the "On the Hunt" Outreach Program. A percentage of the donations will also be invested towards fulfilling 'the Sustainability of A.P.P.S. 100 Year Vision' and sponsoring the start-up cost to complete Rosetta Retailers' MISSION.
  • "I am a dream. Just beginning. Truth is, I prayed and you opened up my eyes. And you revealed, something to me. Suddenly, I am no longer confined."

    - Precious

  • Rosetta Retailers' MISSION 


    Originate profit mechanism to create steady cash flow to fund, support and operate a successful non profit organization, outreach programs and events.



    "Rosetta Retailer" was organized to assemble retail items in exchange of a Donation to APPS NONPROFIT CORPORATION through the nonprofits' Online Retail Store establishment, "Rosetta Retailer".


    The Sustainability



    A.P.P.S. 100 Year Vision 

    Help individuals Invest, Partner, Sponsor and Fund more programs, events and facilities pushing more Development efforts together for

    predecessors & children to succeed.


    • Group Home Facility for Foster Youth
    • USTA Youth Facility Grant for Tennis
    • University Scholarship Endowment Fund
    • Math Tutoring Program
    • National Academic Honor's Society 
    • GoFundMe Events
    • Disaster Relief
    • Real Estate Trust Account 
    • Create long term relationships in China
    • Public Speaking 
    • Financial Planning Services - Investment, Retirement & Savings
    • Insurance Services - Life/Health, P&C
    • Tax Preparation Services
    • Small Business Start - Up Services 
    • Management Consulting Services


    "On The Hunt?!" Outreach Program

    Objective: Create, develop and mentorship a supportive network of businesses and individuals to increase the morale, resources and jobs avaliable in Occupational and Social Welfare initiatives targeting our local communities and families!


    Events and Programs

    -Mentorship Program

    -Dressing for Success

    -Professional Development & Ettiquite

    -Event Management & Planning

    -Health and Wellness

    -Financial Management

    (Personal and Business)

    -Cover Letter & Resume Workshop

    -Personal Branding

    -Marketing your Business

    -The World of Social Media

    -Higher Education & Continuing Education


    Financial Education and Literacy

    Follow us @APPSMOBILETAX


    "Educate the community on how to better manger their money and get the most out of Income Tax Returns!" - APPS



    8 Financial Seminars #45MINS 

    1. FAFSA for High School Seniors | 

    2. Tax Planning |

    3. Income Tax Return Prep |

    4. Bookkeeping | 

    5. Accounting Services |

    6. Estate and Trust Taxes |

    7. Consumer Debt: Credit | 

    8. Small Business Start - Up |

    ** Extra Income: Becoming a Tax Preparer (self or seasonal employment) | TBA


    We will #FILE your #INCOMETAXRefund after each scheduled event!



    2015 • A.P.P.S. Assisted 11 individuals/families ($7,000)

    2016 • A.P.P.S. NONPROFIT CORPORATION - Grand Opening - February 2016

    2016 "Rosetta Retailer" Online Retail Store - Store Grand Opening - June 2016

  • A.P.P.S. Action Plan

    Supporting Health, Wellness & Education


    LA Fitness | VIP Guest | 7 Day Sports Club Pass FREE | 2 Full Weeks Every Year

    (CONTACT US!) 

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    Health Related Research

    Disease Prevention

    Health Education

    Patient Services


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    Firearm Safety

    Drunk Driving 

    Drug Abuse Prevention 


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    Human Rights

    Cultural Awareness

    Higher Education


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    Outreach. Coordinator. Goals.

    Goal 1 - Donor's List

    Goal 2 - Retail Online Store

    Goal 3 - Fundraising Opportunities

    To create partners and sponsors with APPS, local businesses and community organizations, nonprofits, clubs, leagues and societies. A successful Fundraising Campaign must includes a strong Marketing Plan & Strategy, full cooperation from parters and sponsorships, and Volunteers willing to help and assist with event management. In order to exceed the Fundraising goal it will require you to Sign Up and have an experience of your life time.


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    Visionaries and Social Entrepreneurs

    Events & Programs. Capabilities. Resources.

    It is critical to give 100% core factors, competitive advantage, strengths and weaknesses. Foster cooperation and partnerships that values the individuals ability to be accountable and improve continuously.

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    Company Description Assertively Promoting Philanthropic Services APPS, LLC is a INDEPENDENT LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY located in Riverdale, GA, United States and is part of the Dollar & Other General Merchandise Stores / Retail Sector Army-Navy goods stores Industry. Assertively Promoting...
    January 13, 2021 · Real Estate,Investor,Thurman Malik,Thurman Robinson,Assertively APPS LLC
    When real estate entrepreneur Lorraine Beato spoke on a panel at Think Realty’s 2016 event in Atlanta, GA, little did she know that the young gentleman wearing a red cardigan asking to apprentice with one of the panelists would turn out to be one of her first flipping mentees. Thurman Robinson...
  • PSA ... #Donate ... PSA

    A Donors' Story - Tell Us About Yourself - We Want to Get to Know Each Investor!

    Thank You! for supporting and funding our outreach vision.

    Lets us know what we can do for you or someone else you have in mind.

    Interested in the A.P.P.S. Volunteer Program email info@appsnonprofit.org

  • "Rosetta Retailer"

    Online Store

    Rosetta Retailers' Mission Statement: assemble retail items in exchange of a Donation to APPS NONPROFIT CORPORATION to continue it's existence, funding and support




    Establishment Still Under Construction ... Store Grand Opening JUNE 2016!

    Pre Orders Will Be Available Soon :-)